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Join Coach Leah & Ditch the Diet Community Members for a Spiritual Wellness Journey
to Lose What Weighs You Down...

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What Revelation Wellness Is About...
VISION: Using fitness as a tool, we will take the gospel of Jesus to the ends of the earth.
MISSION: We are dedicated to educating and inspiring people to love God, get healthy, be whole and love others.


“The Wellness Revelation is a chance for people to experience God and learn what is the priority. It doesn’t matter what size someone is, everyone has issues of insecurity, feeling that they don’t belong, their not good enough, not truly forgiven.”


“The Wellness Revelation was absolutely amazing and eye-opening for me. It brings up so many different layers that are beneath the wrong-thinking I’ve had for several years. It’s life-changing. Your thinking changes when you add the Lord to everything you do, to everything you eat. Everything is an act of worship. I don’t have a food problem; I don’t have a fitness problem; I have a worship issue. It’s a catalyst for worship.”


“The Wellness Revelation is a way to put God at the center of life. It’s not even about whether you lose weight on a scale. You’re going to lose so much weight, as in the heaviness of everything you carry around. It’s a way to look at food, fitness, everything through God's eyes and understand why He made us this way. He allows us to move this way for a reason. He made our bodies in a way that we process certain foods better than others, and that’s for a purpose. It’s all about being healthy and whole, not so we can look better, but to feel better and use that for the Kingdom.”


“It was exactly what I needed. Even though I had the nutrition part down and knew what to eat, it doesn’t mean I always did it the right way. I came from years of seeking food for comfort, not understanding when I was hungry or not. I gave that all to the Lord and asked Him to guide me. Am I hungry? What should I eat? How much should I eat? I learned to lean on Him and feel Him guide all of that to give me clarity because it was so foggy before. The things that I learned were things I never knew before about myself and how the Lord is leading all parts of us. We really dug deep and I felt my heart becoming whole through this program.”


$125 Price* Includes Shipped Book
+ Bonuses -Click to Learn More!

20% Early Bird DISCOUNT through December 1st!
*Limited Spaces Available for Optimal Small Group Experience*

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