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I help people who are overwhelmed by expectations

and frustrated with dieting, ditch their diets for more energy,

permanent weight loss and a fulfilling life they were MADE for!


•Child of God

•Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach®

•Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert

•Certified Hormone Cure instructor

•Certified Independent Revelation Wellness Instructor

•Author of Amazon Bestseller, Ditch The Diet

•Public Speaker


Applying my passion for a healthy lifestyle inside and out that truly nourishes the soul is something I love as a coach. Helping others transform their lives every day stems from my own history as a child. I can remember being called “fatty bread” and “the heavier twin.”  I wasn’t really fat, but having a twin sister who was thinner made me the “chubby” one.  With another teenager who I looked up to as my role model, I started dieting at age 12 and continued until my early thirties. Diet after diet, I experienced many ups and downs and was never satisfied with my body. Even when I was at my lowest weight, I didn't feel satisfied or happy. I just couldn’t figure out how to maintain my weight loss! I was obsessed with nutritional information but it got me nowhere.


Seeing skinny models in magazines kept me motivated to adhere to a diet only temporarily.  But were they the right choices? The more I learned, the more confused I became with the differing nutritional information I learned.  “Who is right?”  “How do I know who to believe?”  “Which diet will work for me?”  That’s when I finally knew it was time to answer those questions myself!

It was in my mid- thirties that I decided to take my learning to the next level. I became a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach (CTNC) and a Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert (CCNE). A whole new world opened up and creating recipes, cooking new dishes and eating nourishing meals became a joyful experience. Coupled with my Bachelor's degree in Education, sharing what I learn and educating others on their transformative journey toward a healthy body and lifestyle is my lifelong mission.


As a Christian, I have a strong desire to help others optimize their health so they can thrive in this world. What better way to serve others than with the vigor and passion that comes from optimal health and well-being? From meal preparation challenges to culinary workshops and from private coaching to specialized cleanses, I have a customized plan for each one of you out there. End your confusion with diets and fads that don't work!


You were made to THRIVE, Friend! I invite you to live the abundant life God wants us all to enjoy. I cannot wait to start your journey with you!

Marble Surface

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. -Ephesians 2:10

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