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How to Ditch Your Diet for LIFE

so you can have the BODY YOU LOVE!

In a matter of weeks, you’ll take a deep journey into all the facets of a holistic life,

transforming you from the inside out!  You’ll look back and wonder how it happened so quickly!

 I’m a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach who will be guiding you

on this life-changing, body-improving, mind-altering, habit-forming, self-loving journey!

I LOVE to see people succeed and am as dedicated to YOUR success as I am to my own!


  • Are you frustrated with trying diet after diet, only to have none of them work?

  • Are you exhausted from starving yourself and following a super strict diet just to look good in the clothes you want to wear?

  • Are you tired of trying to hide your belly fat, spending hours looking for something that fits?

  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

I can certainly identify!  Dieting since I was 12, my weight has been a roller coaster, as well as all the mental issues that come with it!  I was always searching for the FINAL ANSWER to lose the weight and feel good in my body.  Working as a professional for over 12 years, I struggled with the energy to get out of bed, the desire to workout, chronic sinus infections, the will to avoid the office snacks, the addiction to coffee, the 3:00pm slump, food cravings, and monthly migraines.  My poor husband would joke that he wanted a refund since he didn’t know he was getting a “broken product.”  Poor guy!

Me in 2005, wanting to be thinner but stuck

Diets just don’t work when it comes to permanent changeotherwise, we wouldn’t still be searching for an answer!


Here’s what I've learned about old school myths…


Myth #1 “Eating fewer calories is a great way to lose extreme weight.”


New Way of Thinking-  Our bodies are not a math problem of “calories in, calories out.”  You can enjoy delicious food, without counting calories and STILL LOSE WEIGHT!


Myth #2 “I don’t have enough will power to lose weight.”


New Way of Thinking-  You are a player in an unfair game, and it’s not your fault.  If you knew what affect some of the foods you eat have on your brain and hormones, you would understand that you are being manipulated by your food!  You are not even in a position to make your own choices!


Myth #3“I must resist the temptation to give in to what I really want.”


New Way of Thinking-  We’ve been taught to deny ourselves enjoyment and satisfaction, to see food as “good” or “bad,” to see ourselves as being “good” or “bad” for our choices.  Our food cravings are often a sign of other unmet needs.  When we learn to listen to our body, we can give ourselves what we need to THRIVE and LIVE FULLY!


Myth #4“I need to do a lot of cardio to burn a lot of calories.”


New Way of Thinking-  Again, it’s not about calories in vs. calories out but instead about what will help you to transform your body quickly and sustainably.  In fact, too much high intensity cardio can produce too much cortisol, causing excess belly fat!  It’s about a balance and what works best for the individual.


Myth #5“It’s in my family genes.”


New Way of Thinking-  No matter what “it” is, you don’t have to be tied down to the same results!  Through epigenetics, you have the empowerment to determine your own destiny and outcome, simply by tweaking your diet and lifestyle choices!  How LIBERATING!!!

Once I found the solution to my problems, my life changed DRASTICALLY!  I can finally fit into my smaller size clothes, with confidence –no more trying to hide fat and cellulite!  I’m fit and feel strong!  I never thought that I would feel this good in a bikini!  And no more doctor visits for me; I just don’t get sick anymore!  I no longer rely on medication to heal me.  I’ve learned to turn to NOURISHMENT for healing: mind, body, and spirit.  No more deprivation, starvation, cravings, brutal workouts, and exhausting expectations!  The headaches are gone, my energy is back, and I simply do what makes me HAPPY!

Because of my own transformation, I am able to guide you in YOUR life-changing transformation.

In my coaching sessions…

  • We will DIG DEEP to get to the bottom of your issues and concerns.

  • We will have in-depth coaching discussions around your current situation, figure out what got you here, and make a plan to get the results you want!

  • You’ll learn about emotional eating and food cravings, learning how your mind makes decisions.

  • I will guide you to the solution that is best for YOU, showing you that YOU already have the answers within.

  • You will meet a new person:  your AUTHENTIC SELF!


I’ve received my certification as a Transformational Nutrition Coach and Culinary Nutrition Expert to help those who struggle as I have.  Through my training and education, I’ve been able to help people see quick results.  Through my practical tips and resources, my clients have found that they can implement the necessary changes to see immediate and long-lasting results!

What you're getting with coaching sessions …

  • Entire Ditch the Diet Program + ALL Bonuses

  • Ditch the Diet Book Mailed to You

  • 10 Bi-Weekly Coaching/Counseling Calls

  • Email & Text Support with Weekly Check-in

  • Initial Needs Assessment

  • Customized Weekly Action Plan

  • 10 Customized Weekly Meal Plans + More Recipes

  • checklists, Resource Guides, Worksheets

  • Practical Lifestyle Enhancements

  • Goal-Setting & Accountability

  • Healthy Habit Education and Implementation

  • Supplement Recommendations & Discounts

Results You Can See & Feel...

  • Lose weight for good without the struggle!

  • Fit into your favorite outfit again!

  • Feel confident in both intimate & social settings!

  • Feel more energized throughout the day!

  • Avoid embarrassing stomach problems!

  • Look younger and more vibrant!

  • Wake up feeling refreshed instead of weak & inflamed!

  • Get off your medications!

Are you tired of a One Size Fits All Approach?


My Approach is Unique and completely Different from what you've tried before:


  • It’s needs-based and tailored to each client.

  • It’s not another diet

  • It focuses on understanding the root-cause instead of addressing only the symptoms.

  • It’s not based on deprivation or just nutrition, but instead is a 3-pronged approach – mind, body, spirit.

  • It’s understanding key behaviors in order to change them for PERMANENT transformation.

  • It’s an inside-out approach, a lifestyle change.

  • It's "healthy weight loss" that gets results in weight while improving your overall health at the same time.

How To Know if It's Right For You

If you are…


  • DONE with trying yet another diet

  • Tired of trying different things that bring you to the same place

  • Frustrated with all the mixed messages you’re getting about your health

  • Committed to do whatever it takes for LASTING TRANSFORMATION

  • Ready to see change NOW


Are you ready to join the success of others and

kick those cravings to the curb,

get the body of your dreams,

find the fulfillment you've been longing for,

and have the energy you need to thrive,

all while treating yourself and enjoying delicious food without deprivation?

Now is the time to change everything, starting TODAY!

...Or you can simply continue on the way things have been going.

Money Back


30 Day

I’m so confident you’ll see resultsI'm offering you a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee! 


If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase,

I will refund your money!


What are you waiting for?


Don’t let life pass you by while you spend another year trying to figure things out.


Your time is TODAY!


Be the next person to make a LASTING TRANSFORMATION!

This time it’s FOR GOOD!

I can't wait to work with you!

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