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Live the life you were created for!

Transform your body and take back your health...WITHOUT DIETING!

In just 6 weeks you will have the tools to reach your weight loss goals and unlock your fullest potential!

God's Given You a GOOD Body.

It's Time to TAKE BACK Your Health.

Checking Weight

When polled about their TOP health struggle, respondents answered the following...

  1. They couldn't lose a substantial amount of weight

  2. They couldn't maintain their weight loss

When asked to identify why they couldn't lose the weight or keep it off, their TOP responses were...

  1. Lack of Consistency

  2. Food Addiction & Cravings

  3. Emotional Eating

According to their responses, the majority of these individuals (though not all) suffer from other "negative health conditions" that require medication. They often battle chronic and acute issues like...

  • Fatigue

  • Pain

  • Inconsistent energy

  • Immobility

  • Brain fog

  • Mood imbalance

  • Recurring infections

  • Acid reflux

  • Skin disorders

  • Poor sleep

  • Allergies

  • Digestive disorders

This means we have a SERIOUS health crisis that goes well beyond someone wanting to look good in their clothes. Their life may DEPEND on their weight loss, even just a few pounds, if it could only be sustained.

And that was my story...

From struggling to thriving,
a transformation we all see
and I can still feel...

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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Weight Loss Myth...

"I have to go on an extreme diet and follow it religiously to get results."

The Problem is...

No Lasting Results

You've tried all the diets

and eventually see

the weight creep back on.

Real Cravings

You have major

sugar cravings and

don't know how to handle your emotional eating.


You hate feeling like something is off limits. You don't want to

miss out on delicious food.

After becoming certified in holistic nutrition, learning from my own transformational experience and working with many health experts and personal clients, I've come to realize...

There is no one-size-fits-all method or perfect diet for lasting change.
There is only a PERSONALIZED way to your BEST body.

But if you've been taught

all the wrong things about weight loss,

how would you know there's a better way?

That's why I created my
Ditch the Diet Program

To teach you how to shift your habits to change your lifestyle for healthy and lasting weight loss.

You will learn how to implement lifestyle changes to nourish not only your body, but also your mind, spirit, and soul so you can feel the results you long for.

Gain the freedom and confidence found in prioritizing your health with a self-care routine and watch the pounds melt away with less effort than ever!

The Ditch the Diet program experience includes...

DTD Promo Text.png

Each section of the Ditch the Diet Program is designed for equipping you to make empowering health decisions based on your individual needs.

Woman on Phone

Heading 1


Julie Smith
Completed Phases 1+2

Since working with Coach Leah on foods that support me, I have seen drastic improvements in my life and overall well being. I have always struggled with acne; now my skin is clearer and brighter. Before changing the way I eat, body aches and joint pain were part of my every day life, as well as a painful gut. I have no pain now, my clothes are looser and my mood has improved. I now crave natural, whole food because of the amazing "side effects.¨


Jeannie Demmer
Completed Phases 1+2

Over the last 3 years I have worked hard with my doctor trying to correct hormone levels, with little or no changes. I have always exercised and had a good diet, so I struggled with finding answers for the symptoms I was experiencing on a daily basis. After starting the Ditch the Diet Program I was able to identify things that could have been the root cause of my health issues all along. With the Ditch the Diet Program I was able to eliminate toxins I wasn’t even aware of before, become more educated on my environment, and regained my health and happiness. I was able to change my life habits without the disappointment of a diet.


Patty Raper
Completed Phase 1

The Ditch the Diet Program has changed our lives. I started the program a bit skeptical but began to see results soon after I began. I have struggled with severe joint pain and headaches for years but now have virtually no pain and rarely have headaches. I´m down 14 lbs too! My husband, who had a massive heart attack followed by coronary bypass surgery is also following this plan and the doctors are very pleased with the results. He lost 9 lbs. in the first 3 weeks. Thank you, Coach Leah, for our lifestyle makeover!

Next Program: April, 2023
(Lasts 12 weeks total)

Registration Open This Spring

LIMITED Participant Availability

Get on the Wait List for Priority Access + Savings!

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