Thrive Market offers the best-selling natural 

and organic products at wholesale prices 

through a $60/year membership. Think Costco meets Whole Foods online, and for every paid membership Thrive donates one membership to a low-income American family.


Many of the items on this page can be found at Thrive Market for a discounted price!

Upgraded Coffee

Coffee & Coffee Replacements




Coffee Replacements

All drinks are


Teas & Spices




BIG Savings when you purchase Refurbished!

Kitchen Tools and Gadgets




Much More Coming Soon!


These are several of my favorite tools I use in the kitchen to make cooking a pleasure instead of a chore.

When I decided to invest in my health by having the right tools, I have realized so much more efficiency in the process!


*Very IMPORTANT:  Keep in mind that you only want to use the silicone spatulas with cold food. I try to use as little plastic in my kitchen as possible to avoid toxins. If you do use plastic, NEVER heat it up, as it has been proven to be carcinogenic. The best cooking utensils to use when cooking with heat are either stainless steel or wood. The same is true for the cookware, which is why the ceramic cookware is the best option, being both non-stick and safe.


Exercising Tools & Equipment




ALL- Toxin-free, natural rubber





My Favorite Skincare




Apple Rose Beauty

Pure. Premium. Organic Ingredients.

A Local Company Making an Impact on the Lives of Human Trafficking Victims

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