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Chicken and Vegetable Salad

Mix 'N Match Meal Plans


With our Mix 'N Match Meal Plans you get to choose any combination of 2, 3, or 4 delicious meal plans that best suit your needs. The more you choose, the more you save! These plans are designed to help you stay on track with meeting your health goals. Life's busy, but your health should always be a priority. Let us help you simplify nourishment with meal plans that come with grocery lists & prep guides.

Healthy Meal

Click on any food platter to get started with our summer or fall options!

U Pick 2 Plans for $11
(21% SAVINGS!)*

U Pick 3 Plans for $15
(29% SAVINGS!!)*

U Pick 4 Plans for $18
(36% SAVINGS!!!)*

*Weekly Meal Plans are $7 each.

What people are saying about these delicious and healthy meal plans...

"Leah's recipes are flippin' easy and delicious!"

-Judy C.

"If I know what to eat then buy and prep it I'm more successful with weight loss."

-Patricia N.

"The meal prep I learned from these meal plan programs has changed the way our family eats. We always have healthy options available now because we plan that way."

-Julie S.

"I couldn't believe how many new foods I tried and loved in these meal plans. I've learned it's all in the way you make them!"

-Michelle R.

"I have more lasting energy when I stick to the healthy foods in these meal plans. Plus, I really enjoy eating these delicious meals and feel proud of what I've made for myself and my family!"

-Melissa Q.

"I feel more calm and in control of my life when I follow these meal plans. I’m always so proud of myself when I'm prepared for the week with meals and wonder how I'm going to fill my extra time, which is hard to imagine for a mom of two young boys!"

-Allison N.

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