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Ditch the Diet

Chapter 6 Review

Chapter Video Series with Actionable Steps

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A 1-D View of Health Doesn't Work for a 3-D Person

I feel your frustration! You feel like you’ve tried everything to lose weight and nothing is working. Could it be that you are looking at the picture the wrong way?
If you only look at the food you put into your mouth then you’re not looking at the whole picture. We are three; mind, body, and spirit.  Focusing on just your body is not going to solve the problem. By focusing on your whole essence, you can address the things that have a great impact on the results you want to see in your body.


Knowing how to properly nourish your mind, body, and spirit will evoke the proper balance necessary for weight loss and maintenance.
May you always be nourished (fulfilled, balanced) in all that you are!

Reminder to take the Self-Care Type Assessment if you haven't already. You can scan the QR Code in your Ditch the Diet book or you can click here to get started.

I look forward to hearing about your immediate results and your lasting transformation after working through this book.

To your nourishment,

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