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Defining Your Why

Thank you for picking up my book and visiting this page. I hope you've taken away some useful information. I want to congratulate you for coming this far and taking a step in the right direction to improving your health by starting with the questions that matter most.


You see, it all starts here, in establishing exactly why you want to be healthier or lose weight for good. It is so important that you take the time to identify your reasons because some days on your journey, it's all that you'll have to hold on to and all that will keep you moving forward. Your WHY is that powerful. This may sound very simple, but we often overlook the core reason for surface level ideas. We have to find the reason behind the reason. Really, the idea is to envision where you would be, what you would be doing, and how it would feel if you achieved your goal.


Here's an example of how to complete the exercise:

1)   I want to ditch the diet so I can lose weight.

2)   I want to lose weight so that...

  • I feel better about myself.

  • I can move more freely without pain.

  • I can have more energy at work.

  • I can feel like doing more fun things.

  • I am not left out.

  • I can get off my medication.

  • I'm not afraid to try new things or go to new places.

Now, think of how this person's life would be different if she could accomplish everything on that list.

3)   How would life be different for her? What would it look like? Let's dig deeper with each item listed above.

I feel better about myself. This means I'll have the confidence to wear the clothes I really want, to feel like I'm worth a splurge, to have the poise to speak in front of others, to have the self-assurance that I can do what I was meant to do without limitations. I'll be the first to say hello with a glow on my face and a sincere smile from true inner joy.

I can move more freely without pain. This means I can be more involved with my young children or grandchildren. It means I can run a race with a friend, so we can grow together and support each other by training and finishing together.

I can have more energy at work. This means I could enjoy what I do every day and even go for a promotion! People will admire me and see me shine. I could lead with confidence.

I can feel like doing more fun things. This means I can go with my spouse to do fun things instead of just sitting and watching on the sidelines, wishing I were involved.

I am not left out. This means that the girls will invite me to participate with them because they know I won't have to make up an excuse to get out of it now. It means I will even be the initiator.

I can get off my medication. This means I will feel liberated and independent. I will feel like my true self, without any unwanted side effects. I will have a clear mind and feel calm. I can even spend the saved money on things I want for myself.

I'm not afraid to try new things or go to new places. This means I'm not going to be envious of other people's vacation photos because now I'm going to be in those photos myself. My whole life experience will change, as I expand my horizons and take on new adventures.

I don't feel powerless. This means I am now empowered to make my own decisions based on what I want and where I want to be. I'm no longer a victim of circumstances. I get to create my destiny. I get to move from the sidelines to the court and be the main star. I'll stand up for myself when necessary.


Do you see how the meaning of what we want is hidden behind an immediate result or goal? It's a wonderful thing to have more energy, but what will you do with that energy and how will that change your life? When I find myself becoming doubtful and stuck in a hard place to make the right decision to stay on the right path, "getting off my medicine" isn't reason enough for me to make that tough choice. But when I can imagine the feeling of freedom, the days without headaches or an upset stomach that getting off my medicine will give me, you've got me now. How could I throw that dream away?

Set aside a few minutes, maybe 10-20 minutes, but don't limit yourself. Take the time to decide what it is that you really want. Make your list and keep drilling down to the end results. Once you've narrowed that list into a beautiful picture of your future, you'll want to save it. You might make several copies and keep them all around you. Or maybe you take a picture with your phone so you can refer to the list whenever you find you need it. Whatever you decide to do, keep your list near, as we'll be revisiting it throughout the next 12 weeks!

P.S. If you think this is a stupid, useless exercise or that you're not weak enough to need to waste your time on such petty things, you've got it all wrong. I know the feeling of wanting to take action and get started, but starting a journey without knowing what direction you're headed can be a very frustrating and futile exercise to say the least! This exercise is vital to the success of your transformation!

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