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Are you tired of trying diet after diet and getting nowhere? Maybe you see immediate results, but after some time, you're back to square one — or even heavier and more unhappy than before. In this fast-paced, ever-changing world of instant gratification, we want immediate results. We've been sold the lie that we can just pay the easy way around the consequences of our choices, often made unconsciously.


In Ditch the Diet, I will show you how to obtain permanent results that will transform you from the inside out, as you watch the pounds begin to melt away! If you are ready to improve your way of life and finally love your body, you'll want to come along with me on this journey to whole wellness.

Ditch the Diet Book

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    • I thought I knew a lot about health & nutrition until I read Ditch the Diet. I decided to sign up for Leah's coaching program after reading the book, and that was exactly what I needed. The book layed the foundation for the knowledge I would apply in her program and it has literally transformed my life, the way I look & feel! As a 39 year old, I used to have aches & pains that I no longer have. While I'm not obese, I struggled with belly bulge & have had adult acne for years. My pants are loser & my skin is clear for the first time in years.  I have more energy, feel a general sense of calmness & have removed so much clutter & chaos from my life, replacing it with good, wholesome food, products and practices. I am so glad I chose to love myself enough to follow through on what I've wanted for years. -Julie Smith


    • I picked up the book with skepticism but I have to say - this has changed my life. I have had severe joint pain for many years as well as (what I believed and was told by doctors) suffered debilitating headaches. Since I have changed the way I eat (not dieting - I am eating VERY well) and how I think about food in general, I have seen tremendous improvement in my joint pain, the headache are virtually gone. It's really not such a decision about just what I choose to eat, but also how I choose to feel. When I eat the wonderful foods that feed by body's needs and my mind, the rewards are how my body feels. Thank you Leah Campian for directing me down a path that is changing my life. -John Raper
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