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*This plan is for serving 4 people.


5 Meal Plans for the price of 4 to support you through healing from an autoimmune disease:

  1. An anti-inflammatory meal plan designed to decrease inflammation in the body
  2. An intensive dietary intervention for inflammation and autoimmunity
  3. A nutritional therapy to heal intestinal hyperpermeability
  4. A nutritional therapy to reduce inflammation, heal digestion (leaky gut) and address autoimmune disease
  5. A nutritional plan to address autoimmune disease and speed up weight loss


  • Each of the 4 meal plans is for 7 days, plus one bonus plan for 6 days.
  • Each meal plan comes with a Meal Prep Guide to walk you through each step of preparing the recipes for your meals each day. This takes the guess-work out for you and helps you to get these delicious and nourishing meals on the table at every meal of every day!

4 (+1 Bonus) Weeks of Autoimmune Meal Plans & Planning Guides for 4 People

$39.97 Regular Price
$29.97Sale Price
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