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Hungry For Change Film Review

Based on the statistics, many of us feel the need to change. So why are we in a health crisis? Our habits and established systems no longer seem to be supporting us. The statistics are staggering, and it is time for change.

The documentary does a great job of expressing the concern with our current processes and behaviors, while then offering a solution through whole, natural foods. The viewer is reminded of the body’s true function and ability, that it is capable of healing itself, with the proper support.

If the pain of not changing is greater than the pain to change, you're definitely READY FOR CHANGE!

This film shows us practical ways to make simple changes NOW! Fear no more! Go to my Learning Tools page under the Resources tab (or click here) to purchase the DVD or the download. Share it with your circle of influence and let us know what happens. We'd love to know how it has helped you and your loved ones on your health journey.


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