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A Message from Leah

I wrote Ditch the Diet and designed the 10-part video series for people like me. People whose weight and health goals seem to constantly elude them. The “answers” seemed to never be MY answer to a healthy weight. 


This book was written with the understanding that your needs are not the same as mine, but that our goals are similar. 


I promise that engaging with this book and video series will help you identify what will work for YOU, not necessarily everyone else. And for the time being, it’s FREE!


This book was designed to be interactive; there will be many steps throughout the book that will begin to lay out the right steps for you. I will also provide ongoing support through the video series and blog articles.


My vision for you is that you soon reach your health goals and gain the necessary knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle and that you never need to actively seek this information again!

To your health and happiness,

Leah Campián

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Are you tired of trying diet after diet and getting nowhere? Maybe you see immediate results, but after some time, you're back to square one — or even heavier and more unhappy than before. In this fast-paced, ever-changing world of instant gratification, we want immediate results. We've been sold the lie that we can just pay the easy way around the consequences of our choices, often made unconsciously.


In Ditch the Diet, I will show you how to obtain permanent results that will transform you from the inside out, as you watch the pounds begin to melt away! If you are ready to improve your way of life and finally love your body, you'll want to come along with me on this journey to whole wellness.


Get the results you want by using time-tested tools that focus on you as a whole: mind, body, and spirit. Understand how these three components are essential for achieving transforming results, as they are a part of your very core.


William Harper

"In Ditch the Diet, Leah Campián motivates the reader to own their health. Her knowledge and passion for the subject shines through, making the information accessible and actionable."

Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND. 
Author of MAXIMized Health

"If you're looking to lose the weight for good, you've got to read Ditch the Diet! Leah Campián is spot-on with her advice for permanent transformation."

Marilyn Pierce 
Author of Ground Work Before Pound Work

"In Ditch the Diet, Leah Campián empowers the reader to take her health into her own hands. She teaches you how your body, mind, and spirit all play a role in achieving your health goals."


The keys to making healthy choices and life-improving changes in your day-to-day life. You will learn how to upgrade your decisions so that you can turn to nourishment for healing: mind, body and spirit.


No more deprivation, starvation, cravings, brutal workouts, or exhausting expectations!

Kick those cravings to the curb, get the body of your dreams, discover the fulfillment you've been longing for, and find the energy you need to thrive — all while treating yourself and enjoying delicious food without deprivation!

  • Learn to make empowering decisions WITHOUT willpower.​

  • Find out how health and well-being are so much more valuable than a diet.

  • Discover how the natural satisfaction of food aids in weight loss and management.

  • Learn why you know what to do but still don’t do it.

  • Find out how small daily lifestyle choices can create a lifetime of health and happiness.

  • Learn to practice consistent balance and awareness for permanent change.

  • Discover how to liberate yourself from emotional eating and enjoy mindful eating instead.

  • Learn that you CAN afford your health.

  • Find out how to reduce your medical expenses and your dependence on drugs.

  • Learn to unlock the keys to weight loss by being your authentic self!

  • Find out how a Health coach can help you to achieve an integrative lifestyle that leads to the best you!


"In Ditch the Diet, Leah shows the reader how taking ownership of their health is the best investment they could ever make in themselves. She shares how to overcome excuses and mental blocks, identify the real causes of weight gain, and how to discover what you're REALLY hungry for so you can keep the weight off for good!"

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"This book is a great read! It is thoughtful and insightful, yet practical and easy to follow. I like how Leah makes connections and paints the bigger picture of what could be and how to get there. Being an expert in the wellness industry, I believe this is a great book to add to your collection!"

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"With her book Ditch the Diet, Culinary Nutrition Expert Leah Campián has simplified how to achieve the objective of optimal health. Outlining how and why diets continue to fail, Leah offers an evidence-based and approachable strategy to achieve health goals. Her complete lifestyle plan will inspire readers to see that health is within reach. I share in the philosophy that Leah champions - that there is no one way of eating and living for all of us. This book empowers readers to ditch the diet forever and start living a healthful, inspired life."

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"I had the fortune of hearing about Coach Leah's book during a phase where I had almost totally gotten away from mindful eating. Life quickly gets busy, and it's so easy for me to slip back into bad habits. 

While reading her book, I was hooked from the first page, seeing how she combined her creativity, passion, and expert knowledge into such an easy read. Therefore, if you're looking for a quick, yet practical solution for staying healthy and living a better life, go ahead and ditch the diet using this amazing guide that delivers a winning one-two punch... with so much less pain!"

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