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Healthy Solutions Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn how to...

  • Navigate Nutrition. – How to make a delicious and nutritious meal for yourself and your family without compromising your health

  • Power-up with Plants. – Why shifting towards a plant-based diet is so important for you and the ones you love

  • Replace the Junk. – Healthy swaps that make a big difference

  • Take gradual steps. – Practical ways to incorporate all that you will learn

  • Prepare for Success. – The ease of eating healthy with a little prep-work


  -Come ready to sample and take home 6 versatile recipes!

  -Learn how to make 4 of the recipes in the workshop!


*Workshop lasts two hours and includes handout with all 6 recipes, food samples, the nutritional information that we learn in the class, as well as additional resource guides.


Investment of $47

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"My greatest anxiety about eating healthy was the time commitment, but Leah provided great ideas about preparing ingredients for many meals at one time and even putting the ingredients in marked containers so everything is ready for the recipe when you get ready to make it. The recipes she prepared and shared in the class were easy and delicious. I left the class feeling like I could manage this!"


-Patty R.


"Leah showed us exactly how to make nutritious recipes while explaining the benefits of nutrition in detail.  We also discussed what foods are bad for us and why.

It was very educational and informative.  The best part was we got to taste all of the recipes, and they didn’t disappoint!  I was very surprised how tasty these nutritious foods and treats were.  I look forward to more workshops with Leah!"


–Julie S.


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